Javier Sanchez was born and raised in Buenos Aires, and has been playing the bandoneón for 25 years.

He toured the globe with large well known orchestras and performance groups, such as Rodolfo Mederos Orchestra Tipica, Tango Pasion, Tanguera – Mora Godoy, Tango Emotion (returning to Japan for 5 consecutive years).

Javier also played in many well known tango shows in Buenos Aires, such as El Viejo Almacén, Esquina de Carlos Gardel, Café Tortoni, Piazzolla Tango Theater,
and many more.

He won First Place of the prestigious Che Bandoneon International Competition in August 2016 judged Victor Lavallén.
He now lives and plays in New York metropolitan area with Astoria Tango Orchestra and many
other tango groups.